Day 10. Spending the night 5, 190 m high on a Gorakshep

December 28, 2017
Day 10. Spending the night 5, 190 m high on a Gorakshep.

Mountain. Everyone had surprisingly good night's sleep, despite and height and the tiredness. I woke up only 3 times. Фе times it was even hot sleeping in a napsack.

We got up early again and headed to the base camp. The weather had gotten worse, the snow started and the sky was grey. Everybody was down because of the weather, I, on the contrary was sure it'll pass.

The weather got better along the way. Near the base camp at 5, 364 m the sky was clear. For the first time in the trek the Everest was fully open.

And although we couldn't quite see it perfectly, it was still an amazing sight. The highest mountain in the world was just around the corner, only 3 km away.

Three years ago I was on the run and could only imagine seeing it with my one eyes. Our strong goals and wishes come true faster than we think :)

It's winter and off season, so the base camp is empty. After the new year they will start bringing equipment and supplies for the spring ascents to the top of the world.

After taking tons of pictures and resting, we headed back. Everest was accompanying us for some time along the way. Then it disappeared and we were irrevocably getting further and further away from Chomolungma.
Perhaps in a couple years I will take a closer look :)

We soon reached the overnight stop, ate and took our belongings. We had to head back.

Our small group basically jogged to the 4, 900 m Loboche camp in 1.5 hours.

The main group is moving slower. We are unsure whether we can get to the next camp today. The sun is going down, and it's dangerous to walk on rocky surface in the dark.

But we kept moving. By twilight we reached the next overnight stop. Yay. 19 km for one day. We have kicked the height down to 4, 600 m, we should be sleeping like logs.

The only thing that's bothering is the cold. The lodge is on the bank of the mountain river, coming from the ice cap. So the temperature is lower than at the top. Guess we'll have to freeze.

Tomorrow is a hard day, as usual :) We must reach Namche Bazaar, which is 26 km away, with climbs and descents and a heavy backpack.
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