Day 5. A very tough hike to the new Tengboche camp at 3, 860.

December 1, 2017
The first part of the route was a road along the mountain slope. The weather is surprisingly nice, the sun and the breeze. The mighty mountains all around. The hike was very nice. The lack of oxygen was the only thing reminding of the height.

By lunch we came to a river. Had a good snack, and then the hardest climb was ahead of us.

Hundreds of steps. 650 meters up. F that. A heavy backpack was not helping. If it wasn't for it, my day would have been much better.

Plus, the weather was getting worse, the fog came and it was getting chilly.

By the end of the day we reached the camp. We left our stuff and went to 4, 000 immediately.

Back at the camp we ordered a regular Nepalese dinner, average in terms of taste and diversity. In Africa meals were much better :)

The higher we go, the harder it gets. No comfort. It's getting cold, especially at night.

Mentally it's easier to sleep by the fire outside in Winter, than stay indoors at the same temperature.
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