It's day 6 and a long trek again. We've come 10 km to the Dingboche village, at 4,400 m.

December 15, 2017
Today's trek was easier, low-sloped. The sun was shining the entire day. It was comfortable, if I may say so.

As usual stopped for lunch in one of the many villages. I still don't get why people would live in places like these. If you know the answer, please comment down below :)

By the end of the day we reached the new camp, left our stuff and went to 4, 650 m for acclimation straight away.

The sun was setting. Right before our eyes, the moon appeared and the sun set. The ravine below was clouded, and we were above it all. We were watching the rapid change of nature and the day turning into night. From the top of the world it's an incredible sight.

We came back to the camp when it was already dark.

The new Goodluck Lodge is a five-star hotel compared to the previous stops.

A large area with many rooms. All nice and clean. Real toilets and a shower with almost hot water:) Not for me, though, I'm not showering to avoid getting a cold. The body is already challenged, no need for additional stress.

The guestrooms are spacious and warm, the windows didn't freeze at night and no rats were in sight.

The food was a little better, although the menu is the same as everywhere else. There's a general issue with the food, it's no good.

There's basically potatoes, rice, pasta, local cheese, veggie stew and some sort of soups. Meat is a rarity. Sometimes canned tuna, but also rare.

We had a good night's sleep and restored. Climbing again in the morning.
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