Day 8. A trek to Lobuche camp at 4, 900 m.

December 22, 2017
Day 8. A trek to Lobuche camp at 4, 900 m.

The terrain is nice, more or less even. So the pace is good.

On the way we saw a memorial for the deceased climbers. A reminder to those who aren't careful. There are some of our fellow countrymen.

After lunch we were already in the village, it took us less time to get there than usual.

However we weren't feeling that great.
Everyone is exhausted and feeling sick. The height has gone to our heads.

Despite the heaviness, as usual in the afternoon we have come across the Khumbu Glacier.

It is quite a spectacle. An endless ravine with enormous boulders covering thousands of tons of ice.

The glacier looks like a river made of rocks, with huge cliffs growing out of it. From the distance it looks big, but when you descent, it's huge.

The glacier is the most dangerous and swift in the world. Ice mixed with rocks moves up to 1 m per day. It's hard to even image boulders the size of a house moving this fast.

This place is very dangerous. Ice can move at any time and the consequences are unforeseen.

We wandered around a little and came back to Lobuche. A nice lodge here. Cozy and clean rooms, some even have plastic insulated unit windows. The owner is probably very rich :) The meals are nice, but too spicy again.

By the end of the day the sickness grows. The tiredness gets bigger and the blood oxygen thinner.

In the morning we're supposed to get up an hour early. Tomorrow is a busy day, we're going to the last Gorakshep camp and then straight to Kala Patthar at 5, 645 m.
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