The Himalayan Track: Day 9

The 9th day overnight stop at 4, 900 m was a nightmare.

December 25, 2017
The 9th day overnight stop at 4, 900 m was a nightmare. No one could sleep that night. I woke up from the cold and the heat and the headache and nightmares. I desperately begged for the day to begin and get much needed distraction. It's called acclimation :)

Finally, the morning came. Got up an hour early to be done on time.

En route. It's hard. Broken by the lack of sleep and the cold. In about an hour it got better. And then the hard climbs began, over the ice cap boulders.

It took about 4 hours to get to the last Gorakshep camp at 5, 180 m. We're staying here overnight.

We had lunch and got an hour sleep. We left most of our stuff and started taking the 5, 650 m Kala Patthar by storm.

The mountain seems close. But it's deceptive. Among the 7 and 8-thousand high peeks, everything else seems small and close.

Violent wind and rocky surface make the descent even harder. So we skip over the pointy rocks not to fall.

Over 5, 000 m descents are always hard. Some say that there are easier and harder mountains. I think they are always hard. Height sickness mixed with tiredness. Constant headache. Hard to breathe. Getting weaker and weaker.

There is no time to give up, you must go on even when it seems impossible. Persistence will be awarded with the result.

When the weather is fine, you can see the almighty Everest from the Kala Patthar top. But it's cloudy today and storm wind is sweeping us off our feet. It's dangerous to stand on the edge, the wind might push you off.

I've spent about an hour there. My feet were cold, since I was wearing regular trekking sneakers.

Some of us stayed to see the sunset. But it was cloudy and they didn't see the Everest.

We headed down. Going back is always easier. We reached the camp in about 1.5 hours.

A wild yak tried to attack one of our girls on the way back. We didn't know what its deal was and why it didn't' like us, or maybe it did, but it turned out ok.

We reached the camp. Guys were sitting and sharing their experiences. In moments like these I prefer to be silent.

Time to rest. I hope we can get a good night's sleep, it's even higher than yesterday. The only thing that's comforting is that we're going back tomorrow.
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