Two days to rush to the airport. 26 hardest kilometers to Namche Bazaar.

January 2, 2018
We spent the last two days literally running towards the airport. On day 11 there was the toughest 26 km hike to Namche Bazaar.

We started early at 7 a.m. and reached the destination when it was already dark. Endless climbs and descents, an unforgettable day. I had my legs tickling, my back aching and my left shoulder giving up on me.

There was this peculiar fog on the way. One minute it was upon us, and the next it was gone.

All of this accompanied by an awesome sunset under the rays of sunshine in the ravine.

In the last 12th day we had gone 22 km to Lukla. We were exhausted, to say the least. It was a freaking nightmare.

And just like that the weather was getting worse, although the sun was with us the entire hike.

There was this "lodge" in Lukla, with no hot running water and decent WC, let alone anything else. One more night in wild nature conditions.

We had hoped that there would be a nice hotel with rooms and a hot shower. In reality this lodge was just like many others on that route.

Ice cold water, ungodly WC, extreme cold at night and rats running on the roof.

Failed expectations are the toughest.

The next day we woke up as usual at 5 a.m. to catch a plane. I stayed one more day in that "wonderful" place.

The flight from Lukla to Katmandu is another story. Sometimes people get stuck here for days.

When it's high season and there are lots of tourists, you can be stuck at the airport for an uncertain period of time. It's easier to get a helicopter for $6000 than get a regular flight.

And like that's not enough, the airport is the most dangerous in the world. The landing strip is only 527 m, ending in an abyss on one end and a rocky wall on the other. There are no second chances here.

Our guide Sergey really helped us out. He had bought the tickets and registered us for the flight.

At about 7 a.m. we were on a plane headed to the mainland. In half an hour we were at the Katmandu airport.

Now the trip was officially over. Despite all the challenges and the hardships, it was an amazing trek with a great crew. We will meet soon in our next travels :)
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