One day one we reached Machame at 2, 850 m.

February 4, 2017
One day one we reached Machame at 2, 850 m. We wandered the jungle for about 6 hours. It was surprisingly hard for everyone. Perhaps it was jet lag or a different climate and humidity, since it's constantly raining.

Porters organized our camp, cooked a nice meal and performed a quick medical examination. After that everyone went to bed.

First night I slept great, as if I was at home, and restored. It was chilly outside, but inside the tents it was great. Surprisingly low condensation, still don't know why.

Day 2 was easier for everyone. It's in the air. Reaching the next camp, Chiro, at 3, 850 m. It took us about 6 hours to get there. Height sickness is starting to kick in, feeling light headed. Someone gets sick.

The weather's getting worse, the sky is cloudy, there's fog in the camp, it's drizzling, and getting cold.

After lunch we're going on an acclimation walk around the neighbourhood. After couple hours, we felt better, having gotten our blood flowing.

In the mountains it's important to keep moving. Keep pumping the blood to avoid swelling and hemorrhaging. This way height sickness is not so bad.

By dusk the sky cleared up, and the mountain showed. Finally it's getting pretty all around. Up until now the African scenery wasn't so impressive. It a former volcano site, it used to erupt and wipe everything off the face of the earth, so there's not much flora and fauna here.

We had borsch for dinner, cooked by the Africans, and went to bed. Tonight's gonna be a cold night.
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