The third day was really hard. As usual, we woke up at dawn.

February 6, 2017
The third day was really hard. As usual, we woke up at dawn.

At dawn and dusk, the sky is always clear and the mountains are in sight. No camera can do justice to the view we have each day.

African mountains are unlike the Caucasus. Kilimanjaro is a volcano that used to erupt, burning everything around. This has led to an unusual landscape with lots of canyons and stream beds. It feels like we're going to Mordor :)

And so we have climbed to 4, 600 m today. Each step was complicated by the terrain. Lots of rocks, big and small. Going slow, to avoid twisting my ankle.

All of this is multiplied by the lack of oxygen. I'm breathing, but still suffocating.
The height sickness is getting stronger. Severe headaches, disorientation, brain block, nausea, general fatigue.

Going on autopilot, looking at my feet, trying to distract myself not to think about how awful I'm feeling.

My situation is complicated by the fact that I'm supposed to interview the group members and record videos.

After lunch and some rest, we descent to the next camp Baranco at 3, 900 m.
The essential rule for good acclimation is – go as high as you can during the day, but sleep at the bottom.

The lower it is, the better your body will restore.

I think I'm feeling better now. Headache is almost gone.

Before going to bed, we sit a while and look at the stars with the full moon. Only in the mountains you can see so many stars so close.
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