We're going to the camp, from which we'll start our journey to Kilimanjaro.

February 9, 2017

Day 5, the one before the storm. We're going to the camp, that's going to be our starting point in the Kilimanjaro journey. It takes about 4 hours to get there. Our group, per usual, starts last. We have nowhere to hurry, the mountain isn't going anywhere :)
There's a good saying: fast is slow, but with no stops.

I feel strong enough to go ahead without waiting for others. Reaching the Barafu camp at 4, 600 m earlier than expected. With three other members of our group, we're going further to 4, 900 m for acclimation. The body begins to get height sick, with headaches and mental blocks.

The lack of snow is extremely uncomfortable. Dust everywhere. It's hard enough to breathe as it is, without dust constantly getting into our noses. Personally, I think snow and a little cold is better.

The weather is really weird. Within the course of 5 minutes there can be strong wind, fog, extreme cold and then the sun can appear out of nowhere and start burning us.

Generally daytime temperature here is above zero, with a small minus at night, it's often windy.

Having recorded videos for a while, we go down to the camp. The headache is non-stop. After lunch I take a pill after all. It helps, but not quite.

I feel strong enough to storm the mountain with a 15 kg backpack. It's gonna be really hard. At lunch I announced my decision to not flake out.

I do worry before the storm, after all, there's 5, 800 m and 7 hours with a heavy weight. My body isn't used to that kind of height and I realize that height sickness is unavoidable. And the heavy weight is gonna pull me backwards.

After lunch I prepare my backpack and try to get some sleep to restore energy. But, as usual, I cannot sleep in moments like these, so I only manage to nap for 3 hours.

The storm begins at 2 a.m.
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