am I
We all have our skeletons in the closet. Some hide them, some, on the contrary, put them on display. Mine was kept in the closet waiting to be released. And I think now is the time to reveal it as a guidance system.

I hope you will find my story helpful and draw the right conclusions :)
Young and hungry
At 15 I found myself at a full-contact karate class (Kyokushin). It's a type of martial arts, where you have to fight a lot, overcome pain and yourself. This taught me to accept challenges and always reach my goals.

When the time came to serve in the army, the prosecution was faster than the military. I was charged with assault. Stupid as we were, some guys and I robbed a person, and, of course, we were caught. It turned out ok for me, but in a couple years I got my suspended sentence for a robbery.

Then there were hard times, as many young men had back then. Sometimes I helped people get the money from their debtors, or, vice versa, helped get away from the extortion. Sometimes we would take the goods or the money and then forget to return. Not my proudest moments.

One time, I was almost stabbed to death because of some differences with another gang. Luckily, I stayed alive. And another time, I simply wasn't home when some armed dudes wanted to settle old scores.

One time I argued with a partner and he decided I've lived enough in this world. When I found out, I had to outplay him. I then had to deal with the Special Police Forces, wanting to charge me with attempted murder. It turned out ok, though. I'm free, the other one is alive.
Back at school I used to sell hand-made candy and squibs. Thus my business story began.

In the mid-2000s there was a time when I sold fruits and veggies. I had no money, so I had to live in the kiosk. Instant noodles, expired apples and tomatoes were my food.

And then I earned my first couple of millions through a metal re-selling deal. I got the taste of money and fell into the business.

Then the 2008 crisis happened. The sales dropped. I lost what I had earned before. I had a multimillion debt and a federal wanted list on my back.

I was charged with attempted fraud for the selling of specialized machinery. I was helping with the negotiations, when one of the partners decided to double-cross the other. I was in the middle of this, so I became the suspect. So I was on the wanted list.
The new begining
After 2008 I started with a clean slate. I learned to do business with less than no money in my pocket and an illegal status.

I was selling everything: LED systems, metals, specialized machinery, construction material, groceries, etc.

At some point I realized that the times have changed and the Internet was now available everywhere. It was time to make money with the new technology.

At the same time pyramid investment schemes and investment projects became highly popular.

Ever so curious, I just couldn't help myself and had to take some part in all of this. I gambled and invested, built systems, earned and lost the money. After a year, I abandoned it.
Opening an agency
In 2012 I met my future partner and together we started an ARTGesheft marketing agency.

I was doing business as a fugitive. That feeling when you making a half-a-million dollar deal and the whole country is looking for you. I'm no Berezovsky, but I've had my fair share of worries.

I was careful. No freedom of action or travel. No publicity. One wrong step and I could end up behind bars.

I spent several years in this interesting position.
In the end
After five years I realized I was going nowhere. I got tired of running and stopped hiding. I was waiting for them to come for me. In about six months I got arrested.

Luckily, it all ended well. There was an investigation and the charges were dropped. I realized my wrongdoings and was able to fix everything.

I am a free citizen today. I'm improving my business and out in the open, abiding by all the rules and regulations, which I'm really happy about.

For five years I had been hooked on an adrenalin rush of being on the run. Now I'm free, but my body's still looking for that rush. I fill this void with travels and extreme adventures, which I share in my blog.
Keep in mind, all of the above is a figment of my mind and should not be taken seriously :)