At the end of March I found myself on Phuket. I had some free time, so decided to fly out there.
I stayed on Patong, the helter-skelter of the island, with Bangla Road and other fleshpots.

April 20, 2017
I believe everyone heard the story about a friend who got a Thai man mistaken for a girl :)

Well I'm not here to tell you about that. Too risky to get involved with Thai ladies :)

After a couple days I felt like I was in Moscow, only in good weather.

Tons of people, mostly Asian, very loud. Locals trying to sell you something.

The prices are also Moscow like. Was able to find a place to eat cheaper than 2,000 RUB ($32). Later I found out that Thailand is the richest state in East Asia, even before Singapore.

Of course the dollar rate is important, the conversion rate depends on it. But Thai people also started getting their prices up there. Even pineapples, 200 baht a piece.
Of course if you go deeper into the island, there are cheap meals and quiet streets. But let's be real, no one would stay there long.

There's a public beach in Patong. But I wasn't about to go there. Too dirty.

Karon Beach is also near. However the water is not very clean there either.

Kata Beach is much better. There are fewer people there, so it's much cleaner.

Before the flight back, I was able to find the prefect spot. We went to the Mai Khao Beach to see the planes landing.

And it turned out to be the cleanest beach out of them all. Few people, the water and the sand are super clean. If you go a little further, there's no noise from the airport and you can easily fall asleep with the sound of the sea.

Another issue is the language. It was hard for me to talk to the locals. They don't speak Russian, expect for phrases like "Happy New Year". A few of them speak English, but not so good.

The reason is partly that Thailand was never a colony. Some other countries like Thailand had to serve the colonists, Thailand was lucky to escape that fate. They are not prone to learning new languages, they simply don't need it.

Thailand is a fascinating country. But not for secluded, ordered lifestyle. There's no place for people like me, who like extreme sports and adventures. So the partygoers from all over the world go there.

It's wrong to judge the entire country by one island only. So perhaps in other parts of the country there is a different situation. As for me, I'm not planning to go back any time soon. Unimpressed.
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