A flight to Africa wasn't easy.

May 12, 2017

A flight to Africa wasn't easy. It had already started in Chelyabinsk airport. While buying the tickets, I mixed up the name and the last name. They allowed me to the Moscow flight, but said that I won't be able to fly any further.

During the boarding I wanted to record some footage. But a bunch of security guards came up to me and wanted to take me off my flight. Turns out, the airport is semi-military and the recording is strictly prohibited. I was able to negotiate myself out of it, but had to delete the footage.

In Moscow I had to run between the offices to figure out my ticket mistake issue. It was a complex ticket with a complex route through many different countries and many carriers. So it would take a day to replace, and I only had three hours before my flight :) Anyway, I managed to reason with Aeroflot and flew out.

By 10 p.m. I was in Amsterdam, the airport was empty. Information is closed, no one knows anything. And I don't have a local visa. Yep, I had totally forgotten about it. God knows where my luggage is, is it flying transit following me, or do I have to get it and drag with me to the next flight.

I spent the night on the bench, extremely uncomfortable. I had a morning flight to Kilimanjaro, everything was fine. My luggage was ok.

The flight was 10 hours. The airport is miserable, to say the least :) I spent two hours waiting for my visa, finally it was over. I was officially allowed in Africa. The yellow fever vaccination certificate was unnecessary, couldn't have done without.

On the way to the hotel, we ran out of gas :)

We were stuck in the dark in the middle of the field, waiting for another taxi driver to bring us a bottle of gasoline, literally.

Late night, finally at the hotel. Early in the morning I'm going to the mountains.
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