The Tiksi Trip: Day 8

Locked Out of the Car

March 13, 2018

Friends kept calling and sending me messages all night, suggesting how to open the car, so I couldn't really sleep and had to get up early. We have to open the car and drive back.

But first things first, we need to get some exercise and training. In order to maintain shape, I work out every morning, wherever I am.

Depending on where I am, I adapt my routine to the conditions. If I'm home or at the hotel, it's a full 40-minute workout with stretching and strength exercises. If I'm on the road, I do a minimal for all sets of muscles of different intensity.

Tiksi's no exception, workout according to the plan. If I don't take care of my body, no one will.

After breakfast, I try opening the car. I've tried everything I could find on the Internet. I pulled on the doors, the trunk, fiddled with the locks, etc. But nothing worked. The engine's roaring while I'm hopping around with a serious face and a frozen nose.

Perhaps if I Knew how to steal cars, there wouldn't be a problem. Oh well.

There is only one option left – break the window. I tried to avid that at all costs, I didn't want to drive through the north with no window.

I applied scotch tape to the window to avoid glass flying everywhere.

And then I start breaking the window. Lightly at first, and then stronger, and stronger. The glass turned out to be really resistant, plus I had plexiglass all over it. It takes a really strong hit for it to break.

The glass flies all over the car as if there was an explosion. Well, gonna have to take it all out later.

The Chinese gave me a piece of plexiglass, which was conveniently unclaimed.

I cut it in the needed shape and applied scotch tape to it. It turned out pretty good, so I could get back to the continent.
Before departure we waited for an hour at the gas station for the fuel to sediment. It's like that everywhere here. There's no traffic and not many people, so the station is in no hurry.

All fueled up, we leave Tiksi in about 5 p.m. It's late, so we can't drive very far.
It's good that the weather is nice. Every day was sunny and quiet. The road got better thank to the trucks that were here before.

We only got stuck twice on the way back. One time I got stuck changing the tracks, and another time when we lost our way, driving through the village.

Lifter winch came in handy again, although I had been told it was unnecessary burden. Of course I could get out without it, but it would take much more time.

We drove about 350 km that day. We almost slipped through the toughest section of the track.

We almost got to the Lake Khaiyr, but we were too exhausted. We stayed in Tundra overnight.

P.S. Unfortunately there are no pictures of that day, but lots of videos. Make sure to check them out on my YouTube channel.

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