The Tiksi Trip: final

Back to the Continent.

March 14, 2018

The ascent of a mountain is successful when the whole group comes back to the base camp. And this expedition will too be complete as soon as we get back to the mainland.

There are 1,500 km of the toughest track ahead of us for the next three days.

On the way back my Chinese friend and I were driving practically non-stop, sometimes using the walkie-talkie. I wanted to get back to Yakutsk as soon as possible.

We tanked up in Ust-Kuyga and pumped our tires after the snowbanks of Tundra.
Later that day as we were approaching Batagay, the temperature dropped to -40 C degrees again. It's thick fog, driving is challenging, strong lighting is not helping.

I have a small anniversary today, 10,000 km since I left home. And I have another 10, 000 to get back.

The next day, March 15, there's the hardest track section from Batagay to Topolinoye. I still shiver remembering this.

The bright Spring sun is shining. Although it's still -25 C outside, it's very hot in the car, so we had our windows open at times. By night the temperature is -40 C again. This is what Spring is like in the north.
The entire time I was worried about the ice built up blocking the way. However I didn't even notice it driving by in a light snow storm.

The mission for the day was completed. 550 km of severe impassability. After 15 hours of driving we stayed in Topolinoye overnight.

The next day is the last one. We have to get to Yakutsk.
There's a better road after Topolinoye, since the federal Kolymaskaya highway is near. Time to pump the tires to the normal state.

It took about an hour to pump all four wheels. In normal conditions it would probably take 20 minutes. But when it's -40 C, it's a little different. Sometime you try to hurry, but it doesn't always work out.

Your movements are challenged by the bulky clothes, the hands are freezing in gloves, and the equipment gets frozen and fragile. However despite all this BERKUT compressor has worked for over an hour in severe cold and nothing happened to it. So I strongly recommend it :)
So by the end of that day, March 16, I entered Yakutsk.

The Tiksi expedition is officially complete.

It seems everything went fine, but I feel sad that it's over. It always happens when you reach a goal, since the process itself brings more joy than the result.

But I have no time to be sit around and be sad. I'm planning my next adventure. I'll be back in the Arctic the next Winter. Perhaps some of you, my friends, would like to join me :)

P.S. Please re-post so that more people in our country started travelling and living the life they want.

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